• 1 Department of Chemistry
  • 2 Department of Electrochemistry
  • 3 Department of Microelectronic Technologies
  • 4 Department of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering
  • 5 Department of Materials and Metallurgy
  • 6 Department of Ecology and Techoeconomic
  • Department of Chemistry

    Fundamental and applied research in the areas of: organic, bioorganic, medicinal chemistry, molecular modeling, biochemistry and biotechnology, polymers, instrumental analysis, geochemistry and environmental protection. ISO/IEC 17025 certificate
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  • Department of Electrochemistry

    Department of Electrochemistry is one of the Departments-Founders of ICTM, world-wide recognized upon its excellence in research of synthesis and characterization of electrocatalytic materials, electrowinning, electrometallurgy, corrosion issues and electroremediation.
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  • Department of Microelectronic Technologies

    We are the leading research centre in the field of microsystem and nanosystem technologies in Serbia and the Western Balkans, accredited as a regional center of excellence. We are specialized for the MEMS and NEMS fabrication of sensors, detectors and various other structures, devices and systems.
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  • Department of Catalysis and Chemical Engineering

    Center for Catalysis and Chemical Engineering (CCCI) is a specific institution in a country that engages in the research in the field of catalysis and chemical engineering. Research topics are synchronized with current global trends in this area of research, ensuring that the CCCI has the necessary flexibility and adaptability to modern challenges.
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  • Department of Materials and Metallurgy

    CMM areas of research are magnetic, friction and electrical contact materials, composites and alloys including development, synthesis, characterization and application as well as optimization of technological processes for improving energy efficiency.
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  • Department of Ecology and Techoeconomic

    Center of Ecology and TechnoEconomics (CETE) is a consulting-research, scientific-developmental unit of SI ICTM, specialized for Laboratory research and testing of water and items of general use, project design and preparation of technical documentation of technological processes as well as market engineering and management in the process industries.
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  • Invitation to the conference - 10th World Conference on Physico Chemical Methods in Drug Discovery and Development +

    We are pleased to announce that the 10 th World Conference on Physico Chemical Methods in

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  • SAIGE project - visit of a knowledge and technology transfer consultant +

    On Wednesday, 08/03 2023, as part of the SAIGE project of transformation of our institute, World

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  • Working breakfast at the Fund for Science on the occasion of the first year of the IDEA program +

    The Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia, on the occasion of the successful implementation of

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Main international and national projects

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