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Some previous international projects of CMT

Project title Notation Funding Project type Period
Structural Characterization of new nanoparticles of doped metal oxides

IO 7006 Srb-Hrv III-19

(INP 104-Bil: Sr-HR)

Ministry of Science, Education and Sport, Republic Croatia


Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development, Republic Serbia

01. 01. 2011. – 31. 12. 2012.
Phase Change Actuator (PCA) for Steering Catheter


(INP 103-PCA)

(Integrated Microsystems Austria GmbH, Wiener Neustadt, Österreich – Austrian Center for Medical Inovation and Technology)
  01. 07. 2012. - 30. 09. 2012.
Reinforcement of Regional Microsystems and Nanosystems Centre (REGMINA)



EU (FP7) FP7- REGPOT; Coordination and support action 2008. -2011.
Micro-nano cantilever based detection of small electromagnetic forces



Swiss National Science Foundation, u okviru projekta SCOPES (Scientific co-operation between Eastern Europe and Switzerland)   2005. – 2008.
New methods of investigation of the structure of cell walls possibilities of use ofAFM microscopy in investigation of cell walls structure*   Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France and Ministry of Science and Environmental Protection of Serbia Program of Integrated Activities "Pavle Savić"
2004. – 2005.
Scanning probe microcantilever-based sensors and actuators   IFWT, Vienna   2000.
Optical surfaces with additional functionality   IFWT, Vienna   2000.
Implementation of process modules to sub-micron C-MOS technology and sensors   IMEL/NCSR “Demokritos” – Atina   2000.
Use of Photonic Crystals in Improvement of Photodetector Parameters Project I/72 957 Volkswagen Foundation   1998. – 2000.
Totally Implantable Hearing Aid   IFWT, Vienna   1997.
Uncooled mercury cadmium telluride photoconductive detectors for 10.6 micrometers   Infrared Associates, USA   1990.
32-element pressure sensor array for airspace   CAGI Institute, Moscow, Russia   1986.
  • CMT announces funding through EU FP7 REGPOT project REGMINA that ensured its reinforcement as a Western Balkan centre of excellence for micro and nanosystems Regmina FP7

  • CMT is accredited by Serbian Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development as a center of excellence for microsystems and nanosystems.

  • CMT is ISO 9001 Certified.


centar za mikoelektronske tehnologije

Centre of Microelectronic Technologies

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