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PhD thesis defended in Serbia and abroad

1. Dr. Olga Cvetković, CH, Investigation of the effects of chemical and bacterial demineralization of sediments on composition and structure of kerogen, 01. 08. 1977, University of Belgrade

2. Dr. Vlatka  Vajs, CH, Some Applications of Bicyclooctene Fragmentation in the Total Synthesis of Natural Products, 1978. The Polytechnic of North London, London University, London

3. Dr. Miomir Pavlović, CEH, The Surface Roughness Amplification, Dendritic Growth and Powders Formation in Electrodeposition of Metals, 02. 06. 1982, University of Belgrade

4. Milka Avramov Ivic, CEH, Electrocatalysis of oxidation of organic molecules in alcaline electrolytes, 24.10.1986, University of Belgrade

5. Dr.  Ivana Aljančić, CH, Total synthesis of  (±)-lineatin and (±)-grandisol - insect feromons of Tripodendron lineatum and Anthonomus grandis, 1988, University of Belgrade

6. Dr. Vladislava Jovanović, CEH, New type of anion-selective electrodes deposited on sliver, 01. 04. 1988, University of Belgrade

7. Dr. Dušan Jovanović, CKHI ,  The catalytic activity of transition metal in the perovskite structures, 26. 07. 1989, University of Belgrade

8. Dr.  Mira Bjelaković, CH, Chemistry of epoxides – syntheses and reactivity, 19. 06. 1990, University of Belgrade

9. Dr. Svetlana Štrbac, CEH, Electrocatalysis of oxygen reduction on gold single crystal stepped surfaces, 19.12. 1990, Faculty of Physical Chemistry, University of Belgrade

10. Dr. Jovan Popic, CEH, Corrosion potential of aluminium in chloride solutions, 12.3.1993

11. Dr. Ksenija Popović, CEH, Electrocatalysis of oxidation of D-glucose on single crystal platinum electrodes, 26.04.1994, University of Belgrade

12. Dr. Aleksandar Dekanski, CEH, Dependence of surface properties of glass-like carbon on its structure and subsequent  treatment, 14.02.1994, University of Belgrade 

13. Dr. Vesna Jović, CMT, Liquid phase epitaxial growth of narrow-bandgap semiconductors for fabrication of infrared detectors, 27.11.1995, University of Belgrade

14. Dr. Natalija Krstić, CH, Synthesis and transformations of steroidal mono and
bisfragmentation derivatives, 4.4.1995, University of Belgrade

15. Dr.  Radomir Matović, CH, Free radical expansion carbocyclic rings, 28.12.1996, University of Belgrade

16. Dr.  Bojana Ostojić, CH, Ab initio investigation of the vibronic coupling in tetra-atomic molecules – the analysis of the spectrum of B2H2, 02.10.1997, University of Belgrade

17. Dr.  Gordana  Gojgić  Cvijović, CH, The study of correlation between polyketide antibiotics and proteases produced simultaneously by Streptomyces hygroscopicus,  23.07.1998, University of Belgrade

18. Dr. Željko Čupić, CKHI, Modeling mechanism of oscillating catalytic processes, with application to hydrogenperoxide, 28.12.1998, University of Belgrade

19. Dr.  Sladjana Kostić  Rajačić, CH, Synthesis and testing of new heterocycic dopaminergic and serotonergic substanceses, 29.05.1998, University of Belgrade

20. Dr.  Dušanka Radanović, CH, Stereochemistry of copper(II) complexes with aminopolycarboxylate edta-type and related ligands, 25.06.1999, Poznanj

21. Dr. Predrag Milanović, CETE, Influence of the composition and temperature of water on the choice of the heat scheme and materials for the equipment for geothermal energy utilization, 27.01.1999, University of Belgrade

22. Dr. Zoran Jakšić, CMT, Infrared detectors with nonequilibrium carrier suppression, 17.04.2001, University of Belgrade

23. Dr. Jakovljević Dragica. Structure and selective chemical transformations of pullulan microbiologicaly synthesized by Aureobasidium pullulans strain CH-1, 29.06.2001, University of Belgrade

24. Dr.  Sonja Vidojković, CH, Study of Behavior of Sulfate in Water/Steam Cycle of Thermal Power Plants, 06.06.2001. Moscow Power Engineering Institute (Technical University) Moskva

25. Dr. Aleksandra Milutinović Nikolić, CKHI, The influence of conditions of forming composite coating polymer-magnetic powder on physico-mechanical properties  of telecommunication optical

fibers, 25.09.2001, University of Belgrade

26. Dr.  Dragan Popović, CH, Modeling of Conformation and Redox Potentials of Hemes and other Cofactors in Proteins, 15.01.2002. Berlin

27. Dr. Milka Vidović , CETE, Heavy metals in human material as a result of environmental pollution, 17.12.2002, University of Belgrade

28. Dr. Nebojša  Nikolić, CEH, Structural characteristics of bright metal coatings, 18.01.2002, University of Belgrade

29. Dr.  Nina Todorović, CH, Dynamic NMR spectroscopy and conformational analysis of some sesquiterpene lactones, 11.12.2002, University of Belgrade

30. Dr.  Dejan Opsenica, CH, Steroidal tetraoxanes: synthesis and biologycal activity, 27.09.2002, University of Belgrade

31. Dr.  Dragana Djordjević, CH, Diferentiation of influence of several sources on the air pollution of same location:  heavy metals and metaloids in suspended particulate matter (spm) as tracers, 10.05.2004, University of Belgrade

32. Dr. Maja Obradović, CEH, Electrochemical deposition and characterization of Ni-W alloys, 18.02.2004, University of Belgrade 

33. Dr. Aleksandra Nastasović, CH, Synthesis, properties and application of macroporous copolymers, 12.03.2004, University of Belgrade

34. Dr. Srdjan Stojanović, CH, Dismutation of nitric oxide in biological and model systems: in vitro study, 2004, University of Belgrade

35. Dr. Jasna Stajić Trošić, CMM, Synthesis and Characterization of Micro and Nanostructural Rapid Quenched Nd-Fe-B Magnetic Materials, 28.06.2005, University of Belgrade

36. Dr. Vladimir Panić, CEH, Electrocatalytic and Capacitive Properties of Ruthenium‑Oxide Based Electrodes, 16.12.2005, University of Belgrade

37. Dr. Jasmina Stevanovic, CEH, Electrochemical sedimentation and characterization of two-component alloys with intermetallic compounds and interphases, 20.11.2005, University of Belgrade

38. Dr. Katarina Radulović, CMT, Synthesis, transport and optical properties of boron-doped lead telluride, 09.12.2005, University of Belgrade

39. Dr. Sonja Grubišić, CH, Structural analysis of conformational flexibility in (poly)amino(poly) carboxylate complexes of transition metals, 30.12.2005, University of Belgrade

40. Dr. Božidarka Zarić, CH, Reconstitution of two human LSm protein complexes reveals aspects of their architecture, assembly and function, 18.03.2005. Zurich

41. Dr. Predrag Krstajić, CMT, Magnetism and tunneling in structures made of diluted magnetic semiconductors, 19.07.2006. Antwerp, Belgium

42. Dr. Boško Grbić, CKHI, Catalytic combustion of ethylene oxide on Pt / Al2O3 catalysts in a multifunctional reactor, 23.11.2006, University of Belgrade

43. Dr. Radmila Garić Grulović, CKHI, Analogy between momentum, heat and mass transfer  in vertical two-phase liquid-solids flow, 31.03.2006, University of Belgrade

44. Dr. Zorana Arsenijević, CKHI, Drying оf Suspensions in Moving  Bed of Inert Particles), 12.05.2006, University of Belgrade

45. Dr. Jelena Lović, CEH, Electrochemical oxidation of methanol and formic acid on model and real catalysts, 10.07.2006, University of Belgrade

46. Dr. Gordana Dević, CH, Organic geochemical and eco-chemical characterization of the brown coal of Krepoljin Basin, 15. 03.2006, University of Belgrade

47. Dr.  Milica Kašanin Grubin, CH, Influence of clay minerals on development of rill systems in badlands, 09.06.2006, Toronto, Kanada

48. Dr.  Snežana  Spasić, CH, Molecular base for physiological effects of vitamin E and its derivates, 24.11.2006, University of Belgrade

49. Dr. Jasna Džunuzović, CH,  Synthesis and characterization of alipatic hyperbranched  polyesters, 27.09.2006, Osnabrik, Nemačka

50. Dr. Nenad Radić, ЦКХИ, Structural sensitivity of the complete oxidation of organic compounds on Pt / Al2O3 catalysts, 28.12.2006, University of Belgrade

51. Dr.  Nataša Božić, CH, Cytosolic leucyl aminopeptidase from the midgut of Morimus funereus larvae, 25.12.2007, University of Belgrade

52. Dr.  Miroslava Vujcić, CH, Changes in interaction of glucocorticoid receptor with GRE and TAT regulatory elements in rat liver during ageing, 24.12.2007, University of Belgrade

53. Dr. Vladan Ćosović, CMM, The Influence of Heat Treatment Regime on Structure and Magnetic Properties of Nanocystalline Nd-Fe-B Alloys with Nonstoichiometric Neodymium Content, 05.06.2008, University of Belgrade

54. Dr. Danijela Ranđelović, CMT, Multipurpose microelectromechanical MEMS thermal sensors based on Zeebeck effect, 06.06.2008, University of Belgrade

55. Dr. Ljiljana Rožić, CKHI,  Dehydration of aluminum hydroxides in vertical gas-particle flow, 11.07.2008, University of Belgrade

56. Dr.  Bojan Bondžić, CH, Tandem  Reaction Sequences  under Hydroformylation Conditions- Synthesis of Indoles and Tetrahydro – ß-Carbolines, 26.06.2008, Dortmunt, Nemačka

57. Dr. Bore Jegdić, CEH, Influence of temperature on electrochemical and anomalous behavior of chromium and chromium allozy in acid environments, 08.06.2008, University of Belgrade

58. Dr. Dušan Tripković, CEH, The effect of the surface morphology of platinum materials on the electrocatalytic activity in fuel cells, 29.09.2008, University of Belgrade

59.  Dr. Tatjana Šolević Knudsen, CH, New approaches to finding and characterization of source rocks based on distribution of polycyclic saturated and aromatic hydrocarbons in crude oils, 01.07.2008, University of Belgrade

60. Dr. Aleksandra Šajnović, CH, Geochemical approaches in evaluation of geological history of Neogene lacustrine sediments from the Valjevo-Mionica basin, 10.07.2008, University of Belgrade

61. Dr.  Vesna Vitnik, CH, Experimental and computational study of the mechanism of the reaction of ketones with bromoform,  2009, University of Belgrade

62. Dr.  Goran Janjić, CH, Crystallographic and quantum-chemistry study of interaction of C6-aromatic rings. Analysis of parallel alignment interactions at large horizontal displacement, 25.12. 2009. Beograd

63. Dr. Aleksandar Grujić, CMM, Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Hybrid Magnetic Composite Materials with Polymer Matrix, 22.12.2009, University of Belgrade

64. Dr. Zorica Mojović, CKHI, Aluminosilicates with incorporated metallic custers of transitional metal groups Ib and IVb-VIII as electrocatalytic materials, 06.03.2009, University of Belgrade

65. Dr. Tatjana Novaković, CKHI, Adsorption characteristics of aluminum oxide obtained by spray pyrolysis, 08.05.2009, University of Belgrade

66. Dr. Srdjan Petrović,  CKHI, La (Ti-Mg-M)O3, M = (Pd, Fe) perovskite: synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity in complete oxidation of methane, 12.06.2009, University of Belgrade

67. Dr. Miroslav Stanković,  CKHI, Synthesis, characterization and selectivity of catalysts for hydrogenation of vegetable oils,  11. 06. 2009, University of Belgrade

68. Dr.  Jelena Lamovec, CMT, Micromechanical and structural properties of laminate composite materials with application in microelectromechanical technologies, 01.07.2010,  University of Belgrade

69. Dr. Mirko Stijepović, CMM, Modeling and Energetic Optimization of Catalytic Reforming Process of Gasoline, 10.09. 2010, University of Belgrade

70. Dr. Predrag Banković, CKHI, Catalytic wet peroxide oxidation on solid catalysts with supported or incorporated transition metals, 15.10.2010, University of Belgrade 

71. Dr. Zorica Vuković, CKHI, Modification of porous structure  of Ca- smectit, copolymer of glycidilmethacrylate and their composite, 26.02.2010, University of Belgrade

72. Dr. Vesna Cvetković, CEH, Electrochemical deposition of magnesium at potentials more positive than the equilibrium potential from the magnesium nitrate and ammonium nitrate melts on different substrates, 28.12.2010, University of Novi Sad

73. Dr. Nataša Jović Jovičić, CKHI, Synthesis, characterization and sorption properties of bentonite modified by tetraalkylammonium ions, 30.12.2010, University of Belgrade 

74. Dr. Ana Ivanović Šašić, CKHI, Development of methods for quantification of chaos in the nonlinear reaction systems, 05.03.2010, University of Belgrade 

75. Dr. Davor Lončarević, CKHI, Activity and selectivity of poly(4-vinylpyridine-codivinylbenzene)-Co2+ complex as catalyst inaerobic partial oxidation of cyclohexane, 17.12.2010, University of Belgrade

76. Dr. Dejan Godjevac, CH, Polyphenolic composition (LC/UV/MS analysis) and antioxidant properties of the extracts of seeds of cultivated varieties of grapes, raspberries, blackberries and currants, 28.12.2010, University of Belgrade

77. Dr. Matija Zlatar, CH,  Density Functional Theory Study of the Vibronic Coupling:Intrinsic Distortion Path, 20.08.2010. Švajcarska

78. Dr.  Bojana Zmejkovski, CH, Synthesis, characterization and cytotoxity of Pd(II), Pt(II) and Pt(IV) complexes with R2edda-type esters, 27.05.2010, University of Belgrade

79. Dr.  Sanja Sakan, CH, A new approach in the use of microelements as tracers for identification and differentiation of natural and antropogenic impacts in the sediments, 08.06.2010, University of Belgrade

80. Dr. Aleksandar Rašović, CH, Sequential 4-oxothiazolidine to 1,3-thiazine rearrangement via 1,2-dithioles, 09.10.2010, University of Belgrade.

81. Dr. Dragutin Nedeljković, CMM, Polymer Material for the Construction of the Membrane with the Various Pore Sizes (a Critical Comparison of Various Synthesis Mechanisms), 08.11.2011, Kiel, Germany

82.  Dr.  Biljana Bobić, CEH, Examination of the Corrosion Process Impact on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Zn27Al1.5Cu0.02Mg  Alloy Castings Reinforced with Silicon Carbide Particles, 09.12.2011, University of Belgrade

83. Dr. Dušan Nešić, CMT, Structures with one-dimensional electromagnetic stop band in microwave technique, 31.05.2011, University of Belgrade

84. Dr. Uroš Andjelković, CH, Isoformic external invertases of yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae, 22.01.2011, University of Belgrade

85. Dr.  Željko Vitnik, CH, Correlations between physical and chemical properties of carboxylic acids with a calculated atomic charges, 12.12.2011, University of Belgrade

86. Dr. Sanja Martinović, CEH, Influence of sintering temperature on thermal stability of low cement high alumina castable, 11.11.2011, 87. Dr. Biljana Dojnov, CH, Amylases in the midgut of long – horned beetle (Morimus funereus) and great capricorn beetle (Cerambyx cerdo) larvae, 8.02.2011, University of Belgrade

88. Dr. Biljana Dojcinović , CH, Application of the reactor based on dielectric barrier discharge for the decolorization of reactive textile dyes, 14.11.2011, University of Belgrade

89. Dr. Jelena  Milić, CH, Biochemical Characterization of Hydrocarbon-degrading Bacteria isolated from Environments with Petroleum Contaminants, 29.12.2011, University of Belgrade

90. Dr.  Aleksandra Margetić , CH, Application of immobilized cell wall invertase from yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae in the production of invert sugar, 9.06.2011, 91. Dr. Mila Ilić. Transformation of oil type pollutants in the process of biodegradation simulation in laboratory aerobic conditions, 22.06.2011, University of Belgrade

92. Dr. Milica Vlahović, CEH, Synthesis of secondary sulfur based concrete and examining its durability in aggressive environment, 09.11.2012

93. Dr.  Irena Novaković, CH, Investigation of interactions of biologically active quinone avarone  and its derivatives with lysozyme, linear and circular deoxyribonucleic
acid, 29.05.2012.  University of Belgrade

94.  Dr.  Marija Pergal, CH, Synthesis, structure  and  properties of  novel polyurethanes based on poly(ε-caprolactone)-b-poly(dimethylsiloxane)-b-poly(ε-caprolactone), 21.03.2012, University of Belgrade

95. Dr.  Bojan Gavrilović, CETE, Chrysomelidae fauna (Coleoptera) of Obedska bara and Mt. Fruška gora, 09.03.2012, University of Belgrade

96. Dr.  Milovan Stojanović, CH, Application of the vinylogous N-acyliminium-ions in the synthesis of bicyclic thiazolidine: stereochemistry of cyclization and mechanistic
studies, 24.01.2012, University of Belgrade

97. Predrag Polјak, CMT, A contribution to the development and standardization of measurement method in point measurement and interval measurements, 22.03.2013, Novi Sad

98. Dr. Jasmina Dostanić, CKHI, A study of photodegradation of arylazo pyridone dye, 11.03.2013, University of Belgrade

99. Dr.  Miloš Ćirić, CETE, The effect of different supplemental feed types in semi-intensive production of common carp fry (Cyprinus carpio) on the structure and dynamics of pond ecosystem, 24.06.2013, University of Belgrade

100,  Dr. Jovana Tatar, CH, 4-Oxothiazolidine-2-alkylidene vinyl bromides and α,α-dibromo-2-methoxyacetophenone: precursors in synthetically useful transformations initiated by the rare halophilic attack of nucleophiles, 08.03.2013, University of Belgrade

101. Dr.  Sandra Šegan, CH, Quantitative structure-retention relationship study of steroidal tetraoxanes by thin-layer chromatography and multivariate chemometric methods, 30.12.2013, University of Belgrade

102. Dr. Sanja Eraković, CEH, Electrophoretic deposition and characterization of hydroxyapatite/lignin and silver/hydroxyapatite/lignin coatings on titanium, 03.10.2013, University of Belgrade

103. Dr.  Milče Smilјanić, CMT, New application of silicon wet etching using TMAH water solution for fabrication of MEMS sensors, 24.10.2013, University of Belgrade

104.  Dr. Sanja Stevanović, CEH, /Synthesis and characterization of  platinum alloys for anodic reaction in fuel cells , 23.12.2013, University of Belgrade

105. Dr. Jadranin Milka, CH, Isolation, characterization and biological activity of jatrophane diterpenes from Euphorbia dendroides L. 13.12.2013, University of Belgrade

106. Dr. Miletić Srđan, CH, Research of Polluted Habitats as Sources of Microorganisms for Bioremediation, 2013, University of Belgrade

107. Dr. Mihal Djuriš, CKHI,  Examination of the fluidization characteristics of poly-disperse mixtures of aspheric particles, 14.02.2014, University of Belgrade

108. Dr. Olga Jakšić, CMT, Adsorption-desorption processes at surface of plasmonic sensors, 28.04.2014, University of Belgrade

109. DR. Marija Ajduković, Ckhi, Electrochemical behavior of 4-nitrophenol on modified glassy carbon electrode, 29.12.1014, University of Belgrade

110. Dr. Lugonja Nikoleta, CH, Examination of antioxidative potential of infant formula, 13.06. 2014, University of Belgrade

111. Dr. Stanković Ivana. Molecular dynamics of cellulases: study of substrate recognition and conformational properties, 20. 02.2014. Kampinas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

112. Dr.  Miroslav Novaković, CH, Isolation and identification of diarylheptanoids from plant species black alder (Alnus glutinosa (L.) Gaertn.) and green alder (Alnus viridis (Chaix) DC. subsp. viridis) and their biological activity, 4.7.2014, University of Belgrade

113. Dr. Miroslav Pavlović, CMM, Synthesis and Characterization of Electroconductive Composite Materials Based on Biodegradable Polymers and Metal Powders, 12.06.2015, University of Belgrade

114. Sanja Marinović. application of new polymer-clay Nanocomposite materials in purification of water containing phenol derivatives, 20.02.2015, University of Belgrade

115. Dr. Jovana Stefanović-Kojić. Synthesis, structural characterization and biological activity of functionalized derivatives of gum arabic, pullulan and levan polysaccharides, 26.12.2015, University of Belgrade

116. Dr. Anđelković Ljubica. Theoretical investigation of the Jahn-Teller effect and the influence of the Jahn-Teller distortion on the properties of chemical systems, 15.12.2015, University of Belgrade

117. Dr. Marković Marjana. Ecotoxicity testing of organic pollutants degradation products in water after the treatment with advanced oxidation processes, 29.10.2015, University of Belgrade

118. Dr. Džambaski Zdravko. 2-Alkylidene-4-oxothiazolidine S-oxides: synthesis, structure and
chemical transformations, 13.02.2015, University of Belgrade

119. Dr. Tihana Mudrinić, CKHI, The influence of the interaction between iron and nickel on electrochemical behavior of electrodes based on bentonites modified with a cids and polyhydroxy cations, 13.05.2016, University of Belgrade

120. Dr.  Miloš Vorkapić, CMT, A model for improvement of manufacturing process and launching of new products in small-scale enterprises on the territory of Republic of Serbia, 22.03.2016, University of Novi Sad, Technical Faculty „Mihajlo Pupin” Zrenjanin

121.  Dr. Tatjana Kop, CH, Synthesis and investigation of morphological, electrochemical, and antioxidative properties of tethered bis-pyrrolidino derivatives of fullerene C60, 07.03.2016, University of Belgrade

122. Dr. Milija Sarajlić, CMT, Microelectronis sensor of elemental mercury (Hg) in gas phase, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Physics

123. Dr. Dana Vasilјević Radović, CMT, Synthesis and properties of layered Zn-In-Se single crystals in the light of triad synthesis-structure-properties, University of Belgrade

124. Dr. Vladimir Šukalović, CH, Investigation of interactions between dopamine D2 receptor and ligands by computational chemisty methodes, University of Belgrade