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The Success of our associates - a bilateral project with FR Germany "Recovery of rare earth, Nd + Pr, from end-of-life NdFeB magnets: A new approach to recycling" approved for funding

Within the call for co-financing scientific and technological cooperation between the Republic of Serbia and the Federal Republic of Germany for the project period 2021-2023, 10 projects were approved, out of a total of 27 proposed that met the conditions of the call. Among the approved projects is the project Recycling of rare earths, Nd + Pr, from NdFeB magnetic waste: A new approach, proposed by our colleague Dr. Vesna Cvetković. The partner from Germany is Prof. Bernd Friedrich of RWTH Aachen University. A list of all approved projects can be found at the link (in Serbian).

Congratulations to Dr. Vesna Cvetković and her team on the obtained bilateral project, and we wish them a lot of success in the realization of the planned research!