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Department then and now

Institute for Chemistry, Technology and Metallurgy (ICTM), University of Belgrade, was established in 1961.  The history of the Institute can be traced back to the First National Chemistry Laboratory of Serbia, founded in 1859, by a decree of Prince Miloš Obrenović. Since its foundation, ICTM has functioned as a union of research units with close ties to their corresponding faculties at the University of Belgrade. The Department of Chemistry is one such unit, closely tied with the Faculty of Chemistry.

The organizational structure of the Department of Chemistry had changed  several times during the last 50 years. The last one was about 30 years ago, when the Departments of Organic Chemistry and Instrumental Analysis fused to form The Institute for Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, and Instrumental Analysis (IOCBIA), with subsequent incorporation of the Sector for polymeric materials.

Throughout its existence, the Department was managed and supported by prominent chemists, including the first director of the Department, academician Milutin Stefanović, and other members of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts: Vukić Mićović, Đorđe Stefanović, Mihailo Lj. Mihailović, Miroslav Gašić, Dragomir Vitorović and  Prof  Dragoslav Jeremić. Previous directors Krsta Popović,  Dr Milan Dabović and Dr Vlatka Vajs significantly contributed to the Department’s development. 

Presently 90 researchers are employed in the Department of Chemistry. Their research focuses on structure-activity relationships and medical applications of synthetic compounds and natural products, solving problems in the areas of food chemistry, biochemistry and biotechnology, polymers, geochemistry, and environmental sciences.

Experienced instrumental analysis group run routine spectra (IR, NMR, MS, LC/ESI MS TOF, GC/MS) on a service basis for other groups, as well as for external users from different institutions (universities, research institutes, industry etc.) all over Serbia. Group members are available for consultations regarding experimental measurements and interpretation of results.

Our groups have track record of success in scientific papers, patents and European projects. Most projects are carried out with researchers from the Faculty of Chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry Laboratories hold internationally recognized certification ISO 17025, ensuring quality system and competence of the personnel.